Dance Band

Crooked Pine has the reputation  of being a high energy old time contra band that works very closely with a caller to match tunes to dances. Oh, and by the way, we stand up to play music and we have a great time at dances. It makes a difference. 

Crooked Pine has now been the band of the evening at River Falls, the Old Farmers Ball, the Grey Eagle, Dunn's Rock Country Dance,  Joneboro TN contra, Knoxville TN contra dance and the house contra and entertainment band for the Bannerman Family Dance Camp.  
Contra Dance at Camp Gwynn Valley

We are booking dances for the 2017 - 2018 season and will travel if we can make it worthwhile for the band. 

"The Crooked Pine String Band is a delight to work with.  I worked with the band recently calling a dance for a rehearsal dinner.  Not only was the music perfect for dancing, the band was attuned to my cues while teaching and dancing.  The energy and variety of tunes for big circle mountain dancing was great.  Ending with a beautiful waltz the wedding couple were thrilled with the evening of music and dance."  Beth Gunn, Dance Caller and Recreation Leader