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    "This is just plain good music. It sounds like Black Mountain, and that's a good sound. I love hearing these folks play, any chance I get." - David LaMotte (Singer, Songwriter, Peacemaker)

    "Nice! I was listening to the CD today!! You guys have done a great job! Nice to hear you in fine form."   Laura Boosinger (Banjo Diva and member of David Holt and the Lightning Bolts)

    I listened to the Crooked Pine CD and i have to say, from the obvious quality of the individual tracks (great EQ's and levels on everything), to the arrangements, to the variety of instrumentation and material used, I think it's a great CD and a great snapshot of the culture it came from here as well. It sounds like the band did well together in the studio, whatever process you used to lay the tracks down. Everyone complements the music being presented and contributes with their own touch and influences, but without overpowering anything. I appreciate the thought and preparation you invested in the entire project - I know they are long and difficult sometimes! Great product!   Emma McDowell Best

    "Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the new Crooked Pine CD. Great mix between old time and modern."  Uncle Ted White (Whitewater Bluegrass Co.)



    Three young men just out of college, wanting to play music together, raise food and fowl, have good times and learn to live well, created Crooked Pine in 1974. The band hit the college circuit, played local and regional venues and lived the best they could with help from friends and family. They had many evolutions and convolutions over the years and ended up going separate ways to raise families, create careers, and find their way in the world.

    Fast forward to 2014, the boys are back again to celebrate the music and history that is Crooked Pine. They are now booking many concerts and dances (they love playing for contras and traditional mountain dances) in the region.

    Instrumentally Crook comes at you with a variety of instruments and styles. Who are Crooked Pine? Marion Boatwright plays fiddle, banjo, guitar, and dulcimer and sings as well, Frank McConnell plays guitar, hammered dulcimer, spoons and tin whistle as well as lead and harmony vocals, and Craig Bannerman, stand-up bass, and sings lead and harmony. Troy plays banjo, including killer clawhammer, three finger and two finger styles, mandolin, guitar and sings lead.

    "I had the chance to work with the Crooked Pine String band at family dance camp in Black Mountain.  They played for the contra dances, and it was terrific to have live music.  What fun!  Great music.  Great guys.  Great energy.  Can't wait to work with them again!"  -- Diane Silver, contra dance caller, Asheville, NC